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The Property Managers Blueprint for Access Control


The Property Managers Blueprint for Access Control

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Written By: Ilan Frank, President – June 7, 2019


Property managers have a full operational plate daily. From showing potential residents vacant units, to managing resident’s needs, they’re also challenged with safeguarding and protecting the real estate they oversee. That’s a lot to think about, considering a background in security is not often a skill sought out when screening individuals. Even for the select few that take a few security courses, there are many additional variables to consider. The reality is most of those variables are often related to the real estate itself.

Every day new people come through a property for various reasons. Whether they are service providers, potential renters or friends of residents, the measures needed to secure a property almost always depends upon its location, visitors, hours of operation, security processes and other vulnerabilities specific to the property.

By establishing a process around access control for a particular property, managers can effectively identify the best combination of security measures to implement for maximum security. Among the most important are usually:

  1. Access Control
  2. Video Surveillance
  3. Commercial Security And Fire

Access Control tops the list and here is why. The ability to control who should and who should not enter a property typically ranks as the most pressing concern for a manager of property. While most commercial vendors provide door sensor technology or systems that require reactive software updates for any necessary changes. Both methods create additional risks by delaying time to mitigate potential threats. The need for real time fully integrated access control systems is more important than ever. The ability for managers of property to be able to control multiple entry points in real time with a push of a button is critical to minimize threats immediately.

Having an unreliable access control system is enough to keep you up at night, which is why access control should be the primary cornerstone for your security strategy. It is this very concept in which the rest of your security blueprint should be built off of.

There’s a lot to consider when creating an access control strategy. For starters, deciding on which system will be the most effective and reliable for your location, selecting the right security business to properly install it, and managing the ongoing operational and routine maintenance to ensure your property develops as quickly as potential risks do. The challenge with Managers of Properties is that while they know what should be done, they’re not always the best suited to execute a fully integrated security strategy. After all, most are experts in their profession and not necessarily experts in security. No fault to anyone, but many simply aren’t equipped with the expertise needed to identify potential risks and threats best suited to their property and its residents. This experience only comes from years of practice and education.

If you’re a Manager of property, and interested in learning more, read on. We at Crime Alert Security, the leader in Access Control Systems, are here to help guide you. We are dedicated to helping and advising you on all aspects of your commercial security strategy and have put together a few access control best practices to help you get started.


The First Step is Design Strategy:

Every commercial property that’s constructed is built with a finished design in mind. Your commercial alarm system should be built with the same principles in mind. For this reason, it is important to highlight that while access control systems are developed to handle specific security concerns, the first step is to define who and what you are protecting, and secondly, what you’re protecting them from. This step should be clear and concise before selecting a product, vendor or security system. Only after this step is completed, then explore various vendors in the market to ensure the solution they create best meets your defined goals and protects those most important to you, your residents.

When considering a vendor, some key criteria to include in your strategy are as follows:

  1. Cloud Based Real Time Security
  2. Accessibility and Usability
  3. Fully Integrated and Scalable
  4. Price and Portability

For More information on the above points, please be sure to read part 2 of this guide.

It’s critically important to choose the right security provider that does more than install access control technology, but also has the experience to become a strategic partner to help ensure your system operates at the highest performance long after the installation is completed.

There are many aspects to consider when implementing a security strategy for your property. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the options, give us a call. We’ll be happy to walk through your space and provide a complimentary assessment to help you determine the best long-term security solution for your residents, staff and your property.

Contact the experts at Crime Alert Security today to learn how a cloud based fully integrated access control system can secure your business by asserting complete, instantaneous control over access to sensitive areas of your organization in real time.

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