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Security Consulting

Crime Alert Security offers custom security system evaluation, consulting, and design services. Whether you simply need a third-party evaluation of your existing system, or are ready to upgrade to a new top-of-the-line security system, our team of security experts can help.

We identify threat factors and weaknesses in your current security efforts

Our assessment starts by examining the characteristics of the interior and exterior design of your business or home, and determining what risks and weak points exist. This allows us to identify potential security concerns to be addressed when designing your custom security solution.

In addition, we assess your existing security system to determine its effectiveness and existing vulnerabilities. Our goal is not to push you into buying an entirely new system, but rather to bolster your current security systems as necessary to ensure complete protection.

A custom-designed security system ensures optimal protection for your business or home

Once we have identified any relevant security vulnerabilities. we work closely with you—and where applicable your administrative, IT and security staff—to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your security needs and goals. This information will be used to design a security system that is both effective and efficient.

Protect yourself with a personalized security system tailored to meet your exact needs

We not only design and install your system, but also work with you to develop security plans and procedures for you, your employees, and existing and future security personnel. By establishing these processes at the time of installation, you can be secure in the knowledge that your security system will continue to be as effective as the day it was installed.

We take security seriously, and have decades of experience tackling even the most complex and challenging security needs. Contact Crime Alert Security to learn how we can help you implement the best possible custom security solution.

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