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Access Control

Ensure the security of your business by controlling who goes where, and when.

Access control systems make it possible to grant and rescind permissions with the push of a button.

RFID—or radio frequency identification—technology allows businesses to control and track access of sensitive areas in real-time. Users are issued cards, badges, or chips embedded with a unique code that grants them access to pre-specified areas protected by RFID-reader equipped locks.

When an RFID badge is used to access a controlled area—or an unsuccessful attempt is made by an unauthorized user—the event is logged by the access control management system. This not only ensures that sensitive areas and information are protected from unauthorized access, but generates security data that can be analyzed or cross-referenced at a later date.

Crime Alert Security’s RFID access control systems give you the power to:

  • Ensure that only authorized personnel and visitors access your business’s building or campus.
  • Track where personnel go.
  • Grant and rescind access to specified areas in real-time.
  • Completely cancel an employee’s or visitor’s credentials without having to confiscate cumbersome physical keys.
  • Utilize automatic gate controls for personnel parking areas.

24/7 Access Control Security

When you install a Crime Alert Access Control system, you’re investing in a team that is always there for you. We take care of all aspects of your security so you can focus on your core business without having to worry about day-to-day security operations and system updates. Beyond installing your equipment, our professional staff configure your systems, maintain procedures, rapidly respond to threats, repair hardware when it is needed and train your team on operating all aspects of your system. We are there for you 24×7 protecting your business and keeping you secure.

Contact the experts at Crime Alert Security today to learn how an RFID-equipped operating environment can secure your business by asserting complete, instantaneous control over access to sensitive areas of your organization

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