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Security and Fire

To ensure the safety of your business or home, it’s imperative that you have a premier quality security and fire system.

Protect the success of your business with a commercial grade security system and fire detection system.

The scale of many businesses and industrial operations requires a security and fire alarm system that is versatile, readily expandable, and customizable enough to meet challenges and threats as they arise. Whether you operate your business out of an office, a single building, or a multi-building business campus, Crime Alert Security can design and install a comprehensive security system that meets and exceeds your requirements.

We can integrate any sort of security sensor imaginable—automated cameras, motion sensors, temperature monitors, carbon monoxide sensors, panic buttons, and much more. In addition, our alarm system monitoring services ensure that you get help, when you need it, even if you aren’t in a position to act. Protect your assets, the safety of your employees, and your company as a whole with a state-of the-art commercial security solution.

A comprehensive fire alarm and security system ensures the safety of your family while providing maximum protection of your property.

No two homes or residential security systems are the same. That is why we tailor your alarm system to your home’s layout, as well as your personal needs. Whether you want a system hardwired into your home’s phonelines, or a wireless system that takes advantage of the latest in cellular and radio communication technologies, Crime Alert Security will provide you with a best-in-class security solution.

Fire presents an even higher level of risk and potential loss than those posed by burglars and vandals.

Home security isn’t just about protecting a home from intruders. Our scalable fire detection systems can be customized with a variety of modularized sensors, including smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensors. By detecting fires earlier and faster, your home fire alarm system will give your family the best possible chance of escaping safely. In addition, with our fire alarm monitoring options, we can have your local fire department on the way before you even have the chance to make a call, minimizing damage and the potential for injury.

Contact the experts at Crime Alert Security today to learn how a comprehensive security alarm system can secure your home or business.

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