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Fleet Security

Big rigs, taxis, police cars, buses, and other vehicle fleets represent a significant investment.

Monitor the location and status of your vehicle fleet with a mobile DVR system

Mobile fleet recording systems offer vehicle owners an unparalleled means of protecting their investment with the same video recording technology long used in businesses and homes across the country.

You can rest assured that our fleet security systems are ruggedly built to withstand millions of miles on the road, with anti-shock frames and mounts hardened against road vibration and other bumps and impacts that disrupt and destroy lesser systems.

Protect your vehicle fleets with a fleet tracking system

Crime Alert Security’s mobile DVR fleet tracking systems secure commercial vehicles against break-ins and theft, and also ensure proper and careful use by fleet drivers.

Our DVR systems allow you to access your fleet monitoring systems via Internet or cell networks, with software that allows you to view real-time video feeds or stored video recordings. These fleet tracking systems are also embedded with GPS modules and other sensors that allow for real-time location tracking, so you can be sure that your vehicles are where they’re supposed to be, all day every day.

Scalable Solutions to handle fleets of all shapes and sizes

Crime Alert Security’s mobile DVRs can be integrated with up to 16 vehicle-mounted cameras placed in and around the vehicle. These can then be synced to cabin-mounted monitors, while also continuously record this data to high capacity internal hard discs or solid-state drives.

Much like a family cell phone plan, you can save money with multiple cellular routers and shared data pools to accomodate even the largest of fleets without breaking the bank.

Contact us today for more information on the technical specifications and features of our mobile DVR systems, and to learn how Crime Alert Security can help you better protect your commercial vehicles.

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