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Video Surveillance

Crime Alert Security designs and installs extensive video surveillance systems for commercial and residential properties.

View your property in real-time with premier-quality camera systems

Modern security systems do much more than allow you to review footage after the fact. Monitor employees and review their performance as they work, check in on your home while you’re on vacation, or in the event of an alarm, remotely direct law enforcement personnel around your property. Crime Alert Security designs solutions that allow for this capability in facilities or residences of any size.

Remotely access camera systems, and download video from on-site or cloud backups

Security requires maximum accessibility. Your surveillance equipment is remotely accessible via secure, reliable network solutions. Enjoy complete control of your cameras and video systems, which ensures that you have total knowledge of the current state of your business or home.

Our security systems can be integrated with on-site and cloud-based data storage, which can be accessed via standard computers and mobile devices using compatible software applications.

Industry-leading video surveillance systems

Our security system experts will work with you to identify the system that’s right for you. We offer high definition cameras designed for indoor and outdoor use, low-light applications, and even infrared. We ensure that selected cameras meet the requirements of your security environment, and integrate them into existing video monitoring and surveillance networks.

Contact the experts at Crime Alert Security today to learn how a comprehensive security alarm system can secure your home or business.

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