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How Leveraging Crime Alert Security Live Video Monitoring Can Increase Business Efficiency

Crime Alert Video Surveillance Written By: Ilan FrankTechnology is moving faster than ever before in today’s world due to the ability to collaborate and take advantage of open source platforms and technology developments. As part of this, multiple facets of business continue to evolve just as quickly. For example, business operations have been influenced by various players to increase the efficiency and speed to which businesses can make data driven decisions quickly and reliably. Given this is the case, it’s no surprise that businesses are leveraging security solutions such as live video monitoring to help solve a variety of business challenges.Here at Crime Alert Security, we fully understand the need for businesses to invest in technologies that help them create scalable efficiencies and streamline day to day operations. With Crime Alert’s video surveillance solutions, you can streamline your security operations and enhance the safety of your buildings and employees. Here are just a handful of benefits that our customers take advantage of:24×7 Monitoring and ResponseWith 24×7 monitoring, Real-time alerts can be sent to you via text message and email from our monitoring specialists in the event suspicious activity is taking place at your business office. Regardless of time, our live video surveillance system helps inform you to reduce the chance of a crime taking place.Reduction of Operational costsSecurity cameras help reduce costs by extending your monitoring ability day and night. By leveraging smart technology cameras, you are able to reduce your monitoring services to a fraction of the cost of what you might be paying for additional security staff and monitoring teams.Reduce False Alarms Because real-time alerts can be sent directly to your mobile phone or tablet, you have the ability to greatly reduce false alarms and only receive high priority alerts. Not only does this reduce noise, but it also saves money on servicing and improves response times in the event a real threat is underway.Stay in the knowAs technology continues to evolve, we keep you updated on the latest trends and regulations that help you prepare for new threats targeting your business. Our security solutions allow for real time updates that make having the need to purchase new expensive equipment a thing of the past.Increase Visibility by adding an additional layer to your security.Enhance your current security infrastructure by adding Crime Alert Security solutions to your existing camera and security technologies. All of our solutions have the ability to plug in directly to your existing hardware and monitoring systems. This benefit allows you to add incremental security to your existing processes without needing to completely retrain your staff.Increase technology affordability.We help businesses reduce their overall costs by eliminating high priced physical hardware systems and replace old clunky boxes with cloud based, real time monitoring services that increase security and reduce the need for expensive maintenance and increased storage space. Benefits of cloud-based solutions allow businesses to always stay up to date with the latest software versions and maintain sensitive data outside of a physical location.Increased Security and MonitoringWith 24×7 monitoring, video analytics are always on and always watching. We leverage rapid storage capabilities that allow you to gain access to historical video footage in the event you need to refer back to past incidents or security threats.Crime Alert Security delivers custom, personalized video security solutions for each of our customers. Our live video solution’s combine data driven insights through video analytics and highly dependable technological devices.  Our solutions deliver our customers the easiest and most cost-effective video solutions available.To learn more, contact Crime alert security at

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