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Drone Surveillance

We provide comprehensive drone surveillance systems to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Aerial surveillance can provide an extra layer of security for businesses, industrial and agricultural operations, and even residential properties.

Surveillance drones enhance existing security systems, and provide security where traditional methods cannot reach.

Fixed surveillance cameras and sensors are powerful, but limited. A camera in one location can only pan, tilt, and zoom so much, producing blind spots where potential threats can hide. If fence-mounted sensors detect motion, it may not be possible for nearby cameras to confirm an intrusion. Security personnel could be called out to check the area, only to discover that it was an expensive false alarm.Some very high-end operations have filled the gaps in their security with helicopters and other forms of manned surveillance. But this isn’t feasible in the vast majority of cases.The advent of unmanned drone surveillance is an exciting development in the security world. Drones can carry a variety of security and surveillance equipment, including high resolution and infrared cameras, providing a perspective that ground-based surveillance methods cannot.

Drone surveillance is a game-changer, which is why Crime Alert Security is one of the very few security companies to offer this service.

Drone surveillance is the perfect complement to existing security solutions, providing real-time views anywhere, from almost any angle, no matter how remote the location. Working alongside perimeter sensors and intelligent triggers, drones can be directed toward detected intrusions and “put eyes on” a person of interest, or confirm false alarms caused by curious wildlife. In addition, they fill in the gaps, and provide a platform for camera- and video-based surveillance in areas where ground-mounted systems are lacking.We’ll work with you or your security team to develop an aerial surveillance system that meets your unique needs, and dovetails seamlessly with your existing security systems.

Ensure your security with aerial surveillance

Vast distances, tight spaces, and budget concerns are no longer an obstacle. Contact Crime Alert Security today to learn how a cost-effective drone surveillance system can put you fully in control of your business’s security operations.UL certified hikvision logo hattrix logo exacqvision logo

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