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3 Tips to Enhance Your Business Security in 2019

Crime Alert Commercial SecurityWritten By: Ilan Frank3 Tips to Enhance Your Business Security in 2019In today’s fast-paced society, security has become a prime concern for many business owners. Everyday we are exposed to cases of damage or loss occurring, due to lapses in security and protection. This becomes more evident in the workplace and shared commercial properties such as WeWorks and Sublet office business parks where multiple visitors are entering and exiting the building throughout the day.In this article, we will cover 3 tips to enhance your business security in 2019.From a small business to a multi-national corporation, a business needs a thorough security strategy that focuses on the protection and safety of assets, employees and visitors at any given point in time. In the following post, we will share why security is a prerequisite for business operations and how a proper security plan can help you thrive in today’s competitive landscape.In regards to ensuring safety and security, there are several ways your business can be impacted. In most cases, security risks begin internal to an organization with unauthorized access and compromised assets. From this point, the next vulnerability becomes vandalism or theft which can greatly impact a business from both a financial and competitive position.Safeguarding a building defends your physical property, but additionally by having a firm grasp on access control, you are able to expand protection to IT assets and the valuable people of your organization. An effective security plan provides employees and visitors complete peace of mind as you run the business and reduce potential threats to your organization.Steps To Increase Your Building Security TodayAccess Control: Statistics show that one of the most common areas of risks exist due to unauthorized access of visitors and internal staff. If unauthorized building access during working hours and afterhours is your concern, integrating real time security access control systems ensure that only authorized people are allowed to enter specific areas of a building. This point is extremely important for businesses that have sensitive data on site or physical assets of great value.Unofficial visits can be a grave security issues for specific businesses. It’s very much important for a business to identify every individual in your building and have the ability to adjust access in real time to ensure increased protection. Addressing Access control through the usage of employing conventional keylocks should be avoided and replaced with more versatile solutions such as:  RFID cards, fingerprint scanners or retinal readers. Utilizing cloud based vertically integrated systems such as Kantech’s Access Control System allow for rapid speed in removing access for employees no longer with an organization.Video SurveillanceVideo Surveillance:In today’s technological era, video surveillance has become a standardized practice when it comes to commercial security. Be it a business park, school or office, video surveillance means a constant watch on your property. The challenge with video surveillance is that most businesses only engage with their surveillance systems when an incident takes place and information is needed to better understand how an incident transpired.By leveraging artificial intelligence within your video surveillance strategy, security planning can then shift to a proactive approach versus a reactive approach. To learn more about Artificial Intelligence within video surveillance take a look at the following guide HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS CHANGING VIDEO SURVEILLANCE REQUIREMENTS IN 2019Risk Assessment:To better understand potential risks, a great place to start is with a fully integrated risk assessment from a professional security company. In this system, a risk assessment officer visits your location and walks every square inch of your facility from the inside to outside to identify any potential risks that could be exploited and leave you vulnerable.A thorough assessment of risk can help you pinpoint the most appropriate building security protocols and technologies optimizations to help you reduce potential risks and threats. Remember that just a single weak point in your building can provide disastrous results for your business.Technical SecurityWith the increasing use of computers and internet for almost every office job, there is an important need of security for IT-enabled devices too. Unauthorized access to computers and other IT systems can prove detrimental to your business because of data loss.The best way to deal with this case is to rely on latest antivirus, anti-piggybacking and firewall protection systems. You may need a separate team of IT professionals who will ensure that your business data safe.After going through the above pointers, it is quite clear that security is an important element of any business can should never be compromised. However, it is also necessary that you hire an experienced and trusted security partner for securing your workplace.Crime Alert Security is based in Sacramento Ca. and has been providing businesses with comprehensive high-end security solutions since 1994. Our security solutions are integrated with the most secure, accessible systems, and utilizing modern equipment and applications to allow you complete control of your business’ security, access and monitoring.

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