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Access Control

Crime Alert Security offers RFID access control solutions that allow real-time access control, with the ability to grant and rescind access with the tap of a screen.

Ensure the security of your business by controlling who goes where, and when.

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Grant and Rescind permission with the push of a button

The access control systems work as follows:-

  • RFID—or radio frequency identification—technology allows businesses to control and track access to sensitive areas in real-time.</h5 >
  • Users have issued cards, badges, or chips embedded with a unique code that grants them access to pre-specified areas protected by RFID-reader equipped locks.</h5 >
  • When an RFID badge is used to access a controlled area—or an unsuccessful attempt is made by an unauthorized user—the event is logged by the access control management system.</h5 >
  • This not only ensures that sensitive areas and information are protected from unauthorized access but generates security data that can be analyzed or cross-referenced at a later date.</h5 >

Crime Alert Security empowers you through it’s RFID access control system.

  • Ensure that only authorized personnel and visitors access your business’s building or campus.</h5 >
  • Track where personnel goes.</h5 >
  • Grant and rescind access to specified areas in real-time.</h5 >
  • Completely cancel an employee’s or visitor’s credentials without having to confiscate cumbersome physical keys.</h5 >
  • Utilize automatic gate controls for personnel parking areas.</h5 >


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