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Why Us?

Why Drone Surveillance?

  • Drone surveillance enriches security systems.
  • It provides security where traditional methods cannot reach.
Drone Surveillance Drone Surveillance

How is Drone Surveillance powerful?

  • Drone surveillance is an exciting development in the security world as it is unmanned.
  • Drones can carry a variety of security and surveillance equipment with it.
  • Drones consist of high resolution and infrared cameras.

How Traditional surveillance can be enhanced by drone surveillance?

  • Fixed surveillance cameras and sensors are powerful but limited.
  • A camera in one location can only pan, tilt, and zoom so much, producing blind spots where potential threats can hide.
  • False alarms mislead security personnel and make them investigate the wrong area.
  • High-end operations have filled the gaps in the security with helicopters but this isn’t feasible in the vast majority of cases.
Traditional surveillance Crime Alert Security

Why does Crime Alert Security consider Drone Surveillance as a Game Changer?

  • It provides real-time views anywhere, from almost any angle, no matter how remote the location.
  • Detects false alarms with its perimeter sensors and intelligent triggers.
  • Drones can be directed toward detected intrusions and “put eyes on” a person of interest.
  • Provides a platform for the camera- and video-based surveillance in areas where ground-mounted systems are lacking.

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